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Tentative Schedule

Sunday, May 21st KCA Board Meeting Grooming Room opens - TBA
Monday, May 22nd Agility - One Trial (Off site) - Judge: Amanda Moller GLKCM Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes - Judge: Brenda McElhaney Evening - Welcome Party & Duck Toss!   Tuesday, May 23rd GLKCM Class Dogs - Judge: Mr. Dennis McCoy GLKCM Bitches & Non-Regular & Veterans - Judge: Mr. Dennis McCoy Evening - Breeders Education Wednesday, May 24th GLKCM Juniors -  Judge: Mr. Desmond J Murphy GLKCM Intersex - Judge: Mr. Desmond J Murphy Evening - Donors Circle Seminar     Companion Event Thursday, May 25th Obedience & Rally Trials #1 - Judge: James Ham Futurity & Maturity - Judge: Rita Jacobs Evening - Top Keeshond Event Friday, May 26th Judges Education Obedience & Rally Trials #2 - Judge: Kathleen Sweet KCA Bitches & Non-Regular & Veterans - Judge: Mr Robert Hutton Evening - KCA Annual Meeting Saturday, May 27th KCA Dogs & Juniors - Judge: Mrs Sari Brewster Tietjen KCA Intersex - Judge: Mrs Sari Brewster Tietjen Evening - KCA Awards Banquet