© 2017-2018 Keeshond Club of America

All parking is a privilege extended by the Double Tree Hotel.  They reserve the

right to withdraw this privilege from any person who uses abusive language or

refuses to abide by the rules and regulations.  Parking is at your own risk.  The show-

giving clubs, the Hotel, nor the City of Lawrence KS. assume any responsibility or

liability for damages or loss to any vehicle, its contents, or dogs

Dogs are not allowed in any landscaped area at the Hotel.  Failure to observe

the rules may result in an Event Hearing.  

Everyone using this facility is expected to keep and leave the area clean.  Pickup

bags and garbage containers are provided for your use.

All overnight parking units must be self-contained.  No dumping of gray water

or sewage.  Hookups are not available.

 No dogs outside in exercise pens overnight or after 10:00 P.M. local time.

Exhibitors are responsible for damage and clean-up of their own parking spaces. 

Any additional clean-up charged by the Hotel will be billed to the exhibitor assigned

to the space.

By request of the Hotel, no barbecues or outdoor cooking will be permitted in

the RV parking area

RV parking is by reservation ONLY and is limited.  Parking will be assigned in the

order E-MAIL reservations are received. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Spaces will be

approximately 20’ by 40’.  Vehicles over 40’ in length will be accommodated to the

best of our ability, however may be parked in a different location. Tow vehicles or

pulled vehicles which do not fit in a single space will be required to unhook and park

in the Hotel’s Car parking.  Spaces will be assigned by the RV Coordinator.

For safety reasons, all units will be parked to facilitate exit in case of


Overnight parking will be available from Sunday, May 20th until Monday

morning, May 28th .   ALL RV'S MUST DEPART BY 12 NOON.

Quiet hours are from 10:00 P. M.  to 6:00 A. M. local time.  NO GENERATORS

may be run during these hours.

Generators must be equipped with an exhaust vent (Genturi or similar exhaust

control).  This must be installed at all times during operation of the generator.  If the

exhaust creates a problem for other exhibitors, you will be asked to discontinue the

use of your generator.

All persons attending this show hereby waive any claim for damages against

the Hotel, the Clubs, or their members, in the event a motor vehicle must be entered

to rescue a dog or dogs from unsafe conditions.

Cost per night is $30.00.   The RV parking fee applies even if staying in a room in

the hotel.

RV Information

Download RV Parking Form Download RV Parking Form